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"I think society has a lot to do with what we preceive as “beautiful/ugly”. For example, as a young person, I had long, naturally wavy golden blond hair – everyone LOVED it and asked me various questions such as “what color” or “what perm” I used (this was in the 80s). The answer was “none” – it just grew that way. On the other hand, I was told repeatedly how much prettier I’d be if I lost weight. Then we moved to Africa where one day at an event an elder of a particular village came up to me and patted my cheeks and said “You’re nice and healthy” and smiled at me. Her smile quickly turned into a frown when she held up a bunch of my hair and said “but your hair looks like a dirty sheep!”

We as a society are taught to value certain characteristics which, if left unquestioned, can leave us limited in our appreciation of other characteristics.
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